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2023, Spring

科號Course No. 科目名稱Course Title 授課教師Lecturer(s) 上課時間Time
  Philosophy of Dying and Ageing 張燦輝  
  Husserl’s Phenomenology 楊穎茜  
  Phenomenological Aesthetics 吳俊業、鄭喜恒  
  Introduction to Kant's Aesthetics 林正昊  
   Critique of Pure Reason: Dialectic 鄭志忠  
  On Principles of Alethiology - The Pure Eidos of Truth in itself 黃文宏  
  Seminar I 鄭志忠、陳斐婷  
  Topics in Philosophy of Mind: The McDowell-Dreyfus Debate 鄭喜恒  
  Topics in Ancient Greek Philosophy: Metaphysics 陳斐婷