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Ruey-Yuan Wu



Associate Professor

E-Mail: rywu@mx.nthu.edu.tw


Ruey-Yuan Wu received her Ph. D. in philosophy from Columbia University in 1993. Her dissertation is entitled The Trial Beyond Morality, A Conception of Justification to Oneself, in which she tried to develop a psychoanalytically informed conception of ethics. Since then, she had devoted her efforts to an inquiry on a psychoanalytic conception of mind. Her recent interest is to defend a rationalist conception of intentional mind, what she calls “Intentional Rationalism”, according to which intentional mental states are constituted by their rational roles. In particular, she urges that the nature of intentional action, emotion, and mental illness, can be properly understood only in light of Intentional Rationalism.


Professore Wu’s teaching interests cover a wide range of topics, including the Philosophy of Mind, the Philosophy of Phychoanalysis, the Philosophy of Emotion, the Philosophy of Action, Theories of Reasons, and Ethics.

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